Is a niche really that important?

Starting a business is scary, exciting, and overwhelming all at the same time. Without having navigated the waters of entrepreneurship before, it can be tempting to want to do everything we can to make our business successful, that includes being a "take all comers" company.

As you know, I have recently changed my company completely. JLandCO is gone. Forever? I'm not sure yet. But through its demise has come The Maxim Agency, a marketing agency built to exclusively serve the beauty and aesthetics industry. That is my niche, and I am running with it.

It can be creatively exhausting to try and manage such a wide variety of industries and brands, so I took the time to really focus on the work that brought me more joy and less burn out, thus my niche of aesthetics/beauty was selected.

It can be hard to narrow your services to one industry or target client. You may even feel like you're limiting your prospects, but if you stay true on the path, the products and services you create will reach the right people AND bring you joy in the process.

But why is it important?

It's important because if you are a "jack of all trades" you are a master of none. It's also important because you need a guide and frame of reference to build your entire business strategy and marketing plan upon. You will experience less frustration in the long run, and will soon be at the top of your industry by selecting a niche.